Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yesterday was Temple day. We visited two of the major temples
Lama and Tanzhe. They are beautifully maintained. Each had
large crowds of visitors and worshippers.

Today was a personal photography day. I went to a popular park
at 8 AM. There were Tai Chi areas, dancing, rope jumping, games
and card playing. One of the most popular games is a version of
racketball but you don't hit the ball. You catch the ball on a special
paddle and throw it. I bought a set. They also played badmitten
without a net.
I went to the Oriental Mall. It is several King of Prussia's size with stores
equal to 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive combined. I also went to the largest
medical book store I have ever seen with texts in Chinese, English, Russian,
French and German.

This evening we are having a lecture at the art school and will be
presenting our work.

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